Behind The Scenes

As is often the case, our advert wasn’t filmed in the same order you will view it. Instead we organised the day to give us the best out of each location, such as being in the woods around lunchtime for the dappled sun and the house for the evening, which also doubles as the morning. The day started early with a trip down to Knutsford, a town not far from Manchester. Our first filming location for the day was Ark Vets, who very kindly lent us one of their consulting rooms. Here, the star of our advert ‘Hugo’, underwent a real consult with our vet Natasha and was pronounced fit and well!

From there we moved onto a woodland not too far from Knutsford, where all of the outdoor shots were taken. Here Hugo enjoyed a run in the woods and a bit of down time in between shooting. We ended the day at a house hired out for the occasion, where Hugo got his first taste of Synoquin. This was also the hardest part of the shoot, as we needed Hugo to fall asleep in his basket for one of the scenes. It was a strange environment with almost 15 members of the crew keeping quiet in the dark waiting for Hugo to settle!

We’re pleased to say that since the shoot Hugo has gotten a taste for Synoquin, his owner now gives him a tablet every morning with his breakfast, which goes down a treat! The shoot finished at 8:30pm, and a tired cast, crew and doggy star called it a wrap.